The Second Civil War: Timeline 1647-9

An overview of events from the surrender of King Charles the First into the custody of Parliament early in 1647, through the outbreak of rebellions against Parliament in 1648, the defeat of the invasion of England by the Scottish Engagers, to the trial and execution of the King in 1649.


Jan 30 The Scots surrender the King to Parliament.
Feb 16 Parliamentary commissioners accompany the King to Holmby (Holdenby) House, Northamptonshire.
Apr 28 Agitators elected to represent Army grievances to Parliament.
Jun 04 Cornet Joyce secures the King for the Army.
July 30 The Presbyterian Eleven Members attempt to mobilise London against the Army.
Aug 06 The Army occupies London.
Oct 28 Beginning of the Putney Debates between the Levellers and the army Grandees.
Nov 11 The King escapes from Hampton Court to the Isle of Wight.
Nov 15 Fairfax and Cromwell suppress a threatened mutiny at the army rendezvous at Corkbush Field in Hertfordshire.
Dec 25 Riots in London, Ipswich and Canterbury against Parliament's suppression of Christmas celebrations.
Dec 26 The King signs the Engagement with the Scots.


Jan 17 Parliament passes the Vote of No Addresses.
Feb 22 Colonel Poyer refuses to obey Parliament's order to disband his troops until their arrears are paid.
Mar 23 Colonel Poyer declares for the King in Pembroke.
Apr Pro-Royalist riots in London and Norwich
Apr 28-9 Sir Marmaduke Langdale and Sir Philip Musgrave seize Berwick and Carlisle for the King.
May 08 Battle of St Fagans: Royalist army in south Wales defeated.
May 12 Pro-Royalist rioters sieze the county magazine at Bury St Edmunds.
May 21 Rebellion against Parliament breaks out in Kent.
May 27 Naval revolt in the Downs - mutineers declare for the King.
Jun 01 General Fairfax defeats the Royalists at Maidstone in Kent.
Jun 04 Rebellion against Parliament breaks out in Essex.
Jun 13 Essex Royalists besieged in Colchester.
Jul 08 The Duke of Hamilton's Engager army crosses the border.
  Pembroke Castle surrenders to Lieutenant-General Cromwell.
Jul 17 The Prince of Wales sails from Holland with the Royalist fleet.
Aug 17 Battle of Preston; Hamilton's Engagers defeated by Cromwell.
Aug 27 Colchester surrenders to Fairfax; Royalist commanders executed.
Aug 31 The Prince of Wales returns to Holland pursued by the Earl of Warwick.
Sep 18 Presbyterian MPs attempt a treaty with the King at Newport.
Nov 20 The Army Remonstrance presented to Parliament.
Dec 02 The Army occupies London.
Dec 06 Pride's Purge.


Jan 06 The Rump Parliament assumes full legislative powers.
Jan 20 Trial of Charles I begins.
Jan 30 King Charles beheaded.