Cheriton: (Alresford) Order of Battle

The battle of Cheriton was fought on 28 March 1644 between the Parliamentarian Southern Association army commanded by Sir William Waller and a Royalist army that combined the forces of Lord Hopton's southern army and a contingent from Oxford commanded by the Earl of Forth. The battle was a significant victory for the Parliamentarians and brought to an end Lord Hopton's advance through Hampshire and Sussex which threatened London from the south.

The Parliamentarian Army

Commander: Sir William Waller
Lieutenant-General of Horse: Sir William Balfour
Major-General of Foot: Christopher Potley (may not have been present at Cheriton)
Lieutenant-General of the Ordnance: James Wemyss

Foot: between 5,000 and 7,000
Horse: between 3,000 and 5,000
Dragoons: between 500 and 800
Artillery: sixteen guns


Sir William Waller's regiment of foot
Sir Arthur Heselrige's regiment of foot
Major-General Potley's regiment
Colonel Ralph Weldon's regiment
Colonel Samuel Jones' regiment (drawn from the Farnham garrison)
Yellow Regiment, London Trained Bands
White Regiment, London Trained Bands
Lieutenant-General Wemyss's firelocks (artillery guards)


Sir William Waller's regiment
Colonel Adam Cunningham's regiment


Southern Association regiments

Sir William Waller's regiment of horse
Sir Arthur Heselrige's regiment of horse (formerly armed as cuirassiers, re-equipped as harquebusiers)
Colonel Jonas Vandruske's regiment
Sir Michael Livesey's Kent regiment
Colonel George Thompson's London regiment
Colonel Richard Norton's regiment
Colonel Edward Cooke's regiment

Sir William Balfour's Brigade (from the Earl of Essex's army)

Sir William Balfour's regiment (Balfour's troop armed as cuirassiers, the rest as harquebusiers)
Colonel John Dalbier's regiment
Colonel John Meldrum's regiment
Colonel John Middleton's regiment

The Royalist Army

Commander-in-chief: Patrick Ruthven, Earl of Forth
Joint commander: Sir Ralph, Lord Hopton
Major-General of Horse: Sir John Smith (Smith mortally wounded)
Major-General of Foot: Sir John Paulet
Master of the Ordnance: Colonel Richard Fielding

Infantry: 5,000
Cavalry: 3,500
Artillery: twelve guns


Regiments of Lord Hopton's southern army

Lord Hopton's regiment of foot
Sir Allen Apsley's regiment of foot
Sir Bernard Astley's regiment
Colonel Talbot's regiment
Colonel Francis Cooke's regiment
Sir John Paulet's regiment (released from service in Ireland)
Colonel Matthew Appleyard's regiment (formerly Sir Charles Vavasour's, released from service in Ireland)

The Earl of Forth's contingent

Lord General's (Earl of Forth's) regiment
Sir Henry Bard's regiment
Colonel Charles Gerard's regiment
Sir George Lisle's regiment
Sir Thomas Blackwell's regiment

Other infantry regiments that may have been present at Cheriton

Colonel Walter Slingsby's regiment
Sir William Courtney's regiment
Colonel Henry Shelley's regiment
Lord Inchiquin's Irish regiment
Sir Lewis Dyve's regiment


Sir John Smith's Brigade

Sir John Smith's regiment
Sir Humphrey Bennett's regiment
Sir George Vaughan's regiment
Sir Edward Waldegrave's regiment
Colonel Andrew Lindsay's regiment (formerly the Earl of Crawford's)

Sir Edward Stowell's Brigade

Lord Hopton's regiment of horse
Sir Edward Stowell's regiment
Colonel George Gunter's regiment
Sir Allen Apsley's regiment of horse
Colonel Edmond Pierce's regiment
Marquis of Hertford's regiment

Lord John Stuart's Brigade

Lord John Stuart's regiment (Stuart killed)
Colonel Horatio Carey's regiment
Sir Nicholas Crisp's regiment
Colonel James Hamilton's regiment
Sir William Clerke's regiment
Sir William Boteler's regiment
Sir Edward Ford's regiment
Colonel Dutton Fleetwood's regiment

Colonel Thomas Howard's Brigade

(Probably detachments from the full regiments)
The Earl of Forth's regiment of horse
Colonel Thomas Howard's regiment
The Queen's regiment (M. Raoul Fleury)
Prince Maurice's regiment of horse (Major Robert Legge)
Colonel Richard Neville's regiment
Colonel Richard Manning's regiment


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