The Third Civil War: Timeline 1649-51

An outline of events from the proclamation of Charles the Second in Scotland after the execution of his father through his attempts to regain the throne of the Three Kingdoms to the final defeat of the Royalist cause at the battle of Worcester.


Feb 05 Charles II proclaimed in Edinburgh.
Feb 13 Parliament sets up the Council of State to rule with the House of Commons in place of the Monarchy and the House of Lords.
Feb 22 Charles appoints the Marquis of Montrose his Captain-General in Scotland.
May 13 Cromwell crushes the Leveller mutinies.
Aug 15 Oliver Cromwell arrives in Ireland.
Sep 11 Storming and massacre of Drogheda.


Apr 27 Battle of Carbisdale; Montrose defeated by Colonel Strachan.
May 01 Charles signs the Treaty of Breda, securing an alliance with the Scottish Presbyterians.
May 21 Montrose hanged in Edinburgh.
May 27 Cromwell leaves Ireland, having secured most of Ulster, Leinster and Munster for the Commonwealth.
Jun 20 The Council of State resolves to mount an invasion of Scotland.
Jun 23 Charles arrives in Scotland and takes the Covenant.
  Cromwell appointed commander of the army to invade Scotland.
Jul 22 Cromwell crosses the border into Scotland.
Sep 03 Battle of Dunbar; Cromwell routs the Scots.
Dec 24 Edinburgh surrenders to Cromwell.


Jan 01 Charles II crowned at Scone.
Aug 01 Cromwell advances on Perth, deliberately leaving the road to England open.
Aug 05 Charles and his Covenanter allies invade England.
Sep 03 Battle of Worcester; Cromwell defeats Charles and the Scots.
Oct 13 Charles escapes to France.